this is just a place where i put pieces of my soul. like a horcrux.
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this changed my life

"When the Buddha spoke of individuals, he often used a different term: "stream." Imagine a stream flowing-constantly moving and changing, always different from one moment to the next Most of us see ourselves as corks floating in a stream, persisting things moving along in the stream of time. But this is yet another frozen view. According to this view, everything in the stream changes except the cork. While we generally admit to changes in our body, our mind, our thoughts, our feelings, our understandings, and our beliefs, we still believe, "I myself don’t change. I’m still me. I’m an unchanging cork in an ever-changing stream." This is precisely what we believe the self to be-something that doesn’t change.

The fact is, however, that there are no corks in the stream. There is only stream. What we conceptualize as “cork” is also stream. We are like music. Music, after all, is a type of stream. Music exists only in constant flow and flux and change. Once the movement stops, the music is no more. It exists not as a particular thing, but as pure coming and going with no thing that comes or goes.”

(from Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steve Hagan